What's Your First Response...

I had a good laugh with my sister this morning. I was telling her how I'm MOST excited about this. www.heydaughter.com/wepray. Way more excited than that other thing, that may make some money, (the old me? Show me the money! ) We also cackled about the time not too long ago where I'd seriously rather have eaten a bug than to pray out loud. 😩 We had a good laugh.

I'd naively say that prayer just wasn't my thing.

But here's what I know now, prayer is more than coming to God with our lists of wants. I personally used to think to myself, if God knows what I need and want then why do I need to ask Him?

Then, I was doing that thing again... ya know reading my bible 🤔 and learned that prayer was about relationship, having conversations with the Father. Our Father. My Father.

BINGO, that's when I discovered why it was so difficult for me to pray. I had some father wounds that kept me from being vulnerable with God. I'd projected some of my earthly Father's disciplinarian characteristics onto God. He wasn't warm and fuzzy to me. I didn't wanna to talk to him 😩.

Back to that book again... There's a place in Exodus where God tells Moses exactly WHO He is. (Sidebar: Exodus is actually one of my fav books in the bible. I learned so much about God and how I saw Him and therefore myself. Said that to say the Old Testament is very relevant to today.)

I confess I didn't immediately take His Word for it but as I continued to explore that Book and how God interacted with His people, I began to trust that:

"The LORD, the LORD, the compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness... Exodus 36:4

Then I began to see that He's also all of those things for me. That His intentions towards me are good! His intentions towards YOU are GOOD!

Don't take my word for it. I created this helpful (and free) guide, "Cultivating A Pray-First Lifestyle" to help you on the journey. http://www.heydaughter.com/wepray  

Rashida BPray