It's Friday...

It's Friday! Here's a funny not-so-funny story. You know how most people dread Monday? Fridays were my "Monday". I dreaded it like 😩. You're probably like come again? Well, Friday and the weekend meant that my rambunctious, almost-eight-year-old-newborn (seriously, the kid still doesn't sleep through the night 😭) would be home... ALL DAY. So, no work 'cause every minute? "Mommmmmyyyyyy...

Monday would come and he'd be like the first kid at school and I'd skip home 💃🏾 to enjoy my first cup of coffee while I worked.

Then there's this thing I started doing... reading my bible. Like REALLY reading it. 🤣. What occurred to me, or in Christianese "what I felt God pressing upon me" was... that the reason I was bent out of shape about Friday was that I needed to put work aside for a bit and that made me anxious.

It made me anxious because I'd been believing the lie that I was out here on my own and that my survival depended on my work. Somehow working made me feel like I had some control over my circumstances, life and future.

In the book of Exodus, God gave directions to Moses that the people would collect their daily sustenance on THAT DAY. They didn't need to collect any for the next except on the sixth day because on the seventh they were to rest.

Initially, they didn't trust God so they tried to store food for the next day. Like God said it would, it stank and turned into maggots or something. On the seventh they went out and again just as God said, there was none.

"Grinding" and burning myself out, never produced more abundance in my life. However, trusting God always does. To be clear by abundance I don't mean just 💰. Rest and peace of mind are also part of abundant living. Spending time with the boys, being fully present, not thinking about the work that I could be doing... that's abundance.😉

Matthew 6:25-34 check it out, it begins, “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or ... 

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