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Are you next?

Hey, Daughter! Freedom Cooperative is launching soon…

And you can be a part of it!

We're currently in conversations with Beta Founder and Charter Members.

The mission of Hey, Daughter! Freedom Cooperative (HDFC) is to be a hub and safe haven for lady leaders, genius and high-achievers.

We’re looking for women who’re in transition or at a crossroads in their life, are in transition, starting over, feeling anxious about their future, feeling stagnated or uncertain of their next best step.


We’re also seeking Women who:

  • Are desiring a deeper relationship with God and others in faith.

  • Have a knowing that they were meant to do B-I-G things. A life calling.

  • Are ready for deeply rooted, transformational, life-giving, long-lasting change.

  • Are seeking accountability, exhortation and grace on the path.


And, Women that may be:

  • Neglecting themselves physically/spiritually/emotionally.

  • Feeling lack of energy or positivity.

  • Obsessing over their appearance.

  • Feeling stuck in the comparison trap.

  • Frequently reverting to (old) or creating new unhealthy patterns.


Hey, Daughter! Freedom Co-operative’s primary desires are to: 

  • Point His daughters to Him, our creator and healer of our hurts.

  • Hold space for one another on this freedom journey. 

  • Foster biblically based practices that aid in helping one another practice what Jesus taught: silence and solitude, prayer, bible reading, fasting, sabbath, simple living, community, identity and calling, healing our past, building healthy relationships, personality and spiritual formation.

We’re inviting just 50 founding and charter members who’re:

  • Passionate about Jesus, becoming like Him, being with Him and doing what He did.

  • Wanting to discover what that’ll look like in their day-to-day lives and communities.

  • Eager to heal the discrepancies between their faith, thoughts, goals and actions.

Is this you?

As a founding  or charter member you’ll be in the position to provide valuable input, insight and feedback that’ll help shape the future of The Hey, Daughter! Freedom Cooperative. 

Towards this pre-launch effort we’re seeking to bring to life and validate this mission with a four-week experiment and experience inside the official HDFC community app and website that will mimic a month within HDFC when it officially launches to the general public.

Please take the time to show your interest in making an impact on future generations of women to come by submitting the short form below. You’ll instantly receive access to all of the information regarding founding and charter member perks and how you can take this very moment in your life and turn it into a movement towards a better tomorrow for yourself and your generations to come by supporting this vision.



Hey, Daughter! is a healing hub and haven for lady leaders, geniuses and high-achievers… who’re ready to walk their talk.

If you desire:

  • To heal the disconnect between who you are and who you know you were created to be.

  • To experience deeper faith.

  • Better health, joy and an overall sense of well-being.

  • Authentic relationships.

  • To do impactful work and enjoy financial security.

Welcome home Sis! You’re in the right place.


Our holistic approach to your heart, health and wealth counters the cultural-prenurial view of success that celebrates power, pride and self-sufficiency.

In contrast, we point you to The One as we cojourner along side you in pursuit of the purposeful possibilities towards living your extraordinary life.

Holistically Healthy Whole and free

We help you do this in a God-centered, goal-focused and future-oriented process that glorifies Him, as you fulfill your calling in life in an impactful way.

  •  Feeling anxious about your future?

  • Neglecting yourself physically/spiritually/emotionally?

  • Not feeling energetic or positive?

  • Obsessing over your appearance?

  • Stuck in the comparison trap?

  • Uncertain of your next step?

  • Feeling stagnated?

  • Reverting to old (unhealthy) patterns?

  • Creating new unhealthy patterns?

  • Often overcome by your emotions?

  • Caught up in negative thought loops?

  • Frequently angry, bitter, sad?



Are You Ready for true, change? Transformation? Authenticity? FREEDOM?



The Freedom Challenge…

is a five day transformational journey to help you break free from stress, doubt, overwhelm, comparison, negativity, fear and whatever else is weighing you down and holding you back in life.



  • Day ONE: A Quick Look Back To Move Forward

  • Day TWO: Who Am I? - True-Self/False-Self

  • Day THREE: Hey God, Are You There? It’s Me

  • Day FOUR: Mental Gymnastics + Mind Gaps

  • Day FIVE: Trust. Hustle. Rest.