Last month I chose, You Are Loved Enough as HD's theme for February.

Shortly after, I cam across @havilahcunnington's #LeapIntoLovestudy. Check it out. The book is awesome but you don't need it to join in.

The first night of the study Havilah brought up some signs that point to the evidence of self-rejection in our lives.

#1 was "Obsession with Appearance" I pshhh'd that one before it could barely leave her lips. I'd worked that issue out already. Hair and makeup doesn't always have to be perfect, don't always have to be dressed to the nines. Since leaving the beauty industry my appearance anxiety is at an all time low. I'm good... yeah?

But... then yesterday as I was sifting through thousands of digital images for Chunk's montage. I found myself cringing at images of myself. 😩 Not cute, you can't show your goofball side, what were you wearing? The list goes on.

I heard Havilah's voice in my head describing the sneaky little ways that we obsess over our appearances without realizing it.

While busy judging selfie obsessed posters, I realized that in the same vein I don't post selfies because I'm also appearance obsessed. 😩

Get it? Something in the picture is off. The lighting isn't perfect. The outfit shows my love handle, it's my bad side. My favorite one is... I have a crown on my front left tooth that really needs to be replaced. Sometimes the lighting hits it wrong and it looks straight crazy. 😬

The point is, self-rejection causes us to hide. Hiding keeps us from the life that God has for us and the impact we're here to make for the Kingdom. Obsessing over our looks puts our focus on fleeting things. Stuff that very few people even notice anyway.

I love it when Holy Spirit convicts, it's loving. I don't feel condemned by this revelation. Neither should you if this is hitting you here ❤️.

What sneaky forms of self-rejection may you be entertaining? 

Rashida BFreedom