If God Doesn't Show Up...

Ever have a dream SO ridiculous that the only way it could happen is if God showed up and showed out?

In 2003, I had one. I saw a for rent sign on a door, for an incredible loft space that I wanted to move my beauty business into. ::
My first response was to "go make it happen". You know hustle, beg, borrow... #fail In Christinese, "I tried to make it happen in my own strength or flesh". 😜

Three weeks had gone by, and I still had only two nickels. 😭 In desperation, I entertained stealing the "for rent" sign off the door to buy some extra time to come up with the money. 🙈 But then I heard what I now know was Holy Spirit counseling me to trust God for the answer. -- Ok God what should I do?

It was another two weeks before I got the answer. I know it was Him because it was bold, insane, risky and as far as I knew unheard of. -- Email your clients and make them an offer. Say what? These people don't know me from a can of paint, I've been in business barely six months. Email your clients and make them an offer. 🤷🏾‍♀️

So I did. My goal was 10k. In less than two weeks I had nearly 14k and the space was still available. 🙌🏾 God invented crowdfunding ya'll. 🤣

I have NO idea what miracle He'll evoke for this vision or when. What I do know is it's His project and I'm simply the vessel. My only job is to wake up each day and do the next thing that's in front of me with a joyful spirit... while flipping my two nickels.😩🤣

I set up an alert on this new property, it's still available. I feel really bad for the owners that they have to wait, while I wait. #sorrynotsorry 🙏🏾

The vision is from the HD marketing brochure, written many moons ago.
What wild and crazy vision are you patiently waiting/expecting for God to fulfill in your life? How do you abide in the "now but not yet" without becoming discouraged?

Rashida BTrust