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Over the course of three days, I’ll be introducing you and eleven other sisterfriends to the fundamentals of *The Daughter’s Journey™️. This is an intimate deep dive into identity and purpose We'll hold space for one another as we take one last look back, in order to move forward.

Once you've began to see the handprint of God throughout your life, and discover the heart of the Father towards you (you are His beloved), you'll be able to move boldly in faith towards the life He has for you. Through becoming rooted in your identity in Christ you'll feel your heart shift from from grinding, performing and hiding to resting confidently in His goodness and grace. From there you'll be on the path to lasting transformation, deeper faith, well-being, and security as a daughter of the Most High King. 

*The Daughter’s Journey™️ is a six-month cohort with two in-person retreats. Details available soon!