IMAGINE a safe-haven where...

You can (when you're ready) yank off the mask(s) you've been hiding behind, tear down the walls that have been isolating you and lean-in to a deep authentic and loving community of sisterfriends... 

a place of complete acceptance. belonging.




A Village Where You're... 

Fully Seen.

Fully Known.

Wholly Loved.

For who you were designed to be...



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Women, who're craving a deep relationship with God and honest-to-goodness belly laughs and ugly cries… sisterhood.  




...and high-achievers, over-burdened and burned-out from years of striving, pretending and performing desiring to make the transition to more grace and less grind on their journey towards deeper faith, better health and well-being, authentic living and financial security. Welcome to a place where your weaknesses are your strengths and your greatest fears will give way to His promise, provision and purpose for your life.


What makes WFFC Different?

We're A Cooperative. Let's start by defining  cooperative, (noun)  collaborative, collective, communal, combined, common, joint, shared, mutual, united, unified. There are no teachers, leaders, gurus, or spiritually enlightened ones here.

As a collaborative community of Christ-minded sisters our mission is to model the Spirit-led life by gathering in humility and harmony with one another. 

As cojourners, we model His love by authentically sharing our own journeys, including what we're learning through our struggles and triumphs as daughters. 

Why Is Sharing Important? 

When we share openly, we encourage one another by enabling each of us to see God at work in the lives of the body of Christ. When God feels distant, experiencing Him through others fans the flames of our own joy and hope, knowing He desires to do the same for us.

Imagine if the woman at the well had not shared her encounter with Christ?

An entire town of Samaritans may not have come to know Him. (John 4). In Psalm 51:13, as David cried out to the Lord for forgiveness, he prayed to be an example of true repentance and a demonstration of God's loving kindness, mercy and grace to those with a contrite heart (Psalm 51:17). 

No Book Bible Studies.

While book bible studies are nice, we don't believe giving you one more feel-good thing, another band-aid or distraction from the One who is the ultimate answer to all that your heart is yearning for is the answer.  

While we all are working towards a single goal, to become more Christ-like, each of our journeys are different. Therefore our paths and assignments are also varied. The bible is unique in that it is the Living Word and therefore has the ability to speak to you in any condition. No other text can do that.

We're Not A Facebook Group.

WFFC, is hosted on a platform created for intimate community interaction. You'll quickly be able to join conversations and locate new friends from around the world and right in your own backyard.


As sisterfriends, we model Christ's love not by doling out advice, but by asking the right questions based on Truth of His Word.

A few of our favorite questions:

  1. Have you asked God what he wants to be for you in this situation?

  2. What do you feel God is trying to show you/have you learn from this situation?

  3. In what ways is God calling you into deep waters in this situation?

 We have many more, but the point is... God must be central to the conversation if our affections, focus and habits are to be vertically aligned as we learn to rely on Him in every situation and circumstance.

Encouraging Joy In Every Situation Isn't Denial.

Joy and worship is not just for Sunday. It's not uncommon for most, to be by Monday evening already weighed down by the rapid and constant motion and daily pressures of life. The grind that often times chokes the joy and worship right out of us. 

Leaving us feeling empty and depleted, then attempting to replenish our thirsty souls with shiny, glittering objects, over-indulging in food and drink, escaping to enticing places and dilly-dallying with alluring people that leave us even more depleted and unfulfilled.

Are you here because you've tasted the Lord and know that He is good and you want that joy abundantly and consistently in your life? Or,  have you seen that joy in others and you also want to experience the joys of those who take refuge in Him (Psalm 34:8)?

While we're very aware of the enemy that prowls around waiting for the opportunity to sift our faith, our eyes aren't on him.

Our Question of the Week and Monthly Themes, will no matter what you're going through move you to return your focus to The One. Encourage you to abide in Him and prompt you to seek His face and heart.

God and His word are the center of WFFC.  In these workshops, Jesus is our Source and The Gospel is our anchor and our guide. While freedom of our hearts is the desired outcome. 

Our longing is to see every daughter in this community experience radical heart-transformation through Christ and experience the intimacy of true unconditional friendship. Sisterhood. That as you engage with your  face-t0-face community, they will know you as a follower of Christ by your demonstration of love (John 13:35).


There's a place here for you. Click the button below.

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