“You Have Made Us For Yourself, Our Hearts Are Restless, Until They Can Find Rest In You.” - Augustine



Comparison, jealousy, anger, angst, anguish, fear, hiding, unforgiveness, self-sufficiency, self-centeredness, self-protecting and mistrust all reside in the heart? Mark 7:21-23)


The Bible mentions the heart almost three hundred times. When it does, it's not referring to our physical hearts, the organ that we know to pump blood to the body.

When "the heart" is mentioned in the Word, it's referring to... the heart is that spiritual part of us where our emotions and desires dwell.

There's no wonder the Bible instructs us that we should guard our hearts since everything that we do flows from it. (Proverbs 4:23), and that we should instead of leaning on our own understanding, we should trust the Lord with all of our heart. (Proverbs 3:5)

So, why all this talk about the heart? As your journey coach it's where we begin. The heart. In order to experience true lasting transformation there must be a heart change. 

Now here's the miraculous part, God is the only One that has the power to change hearts. He wants to change your heart and He doesn't leave you to do it on your own (Ezekiel 36:26).

My role as your coach in this (change of heart) is holding space for you, taking the lead of the Holy Spirit as to what questions to ask you, what prayers to pray for you, and essentially when to probe you to go deeper. I'm just as reliant on the Holy Spirit in this process as you are.


Trust. hustle. rest.

In the Bible, the word test means, to prove by trial. Right now, you probably feel as though you're being tested, are at a crossroads, are in some sort of wilderness, desert, or just plain stuck. 


Naturally when we find ourselves dealing with…

  • Doubt

  • Unfulfilled dreams

  • Anxiety

  • Heartache

  • Financial trouble

  • Mourning and brokenness

… our first inclination is not to rejoice. 

In fact what we tend to feel is abandonment, confusion, self-pity and sometimes anger. Some of us even attempt to hide from God, and avoid the root cause of our challenges. We're most likely to go inward, with our focus on ourselves and our sorrows. This can lead to depression and anxiety and in turn more feelings of abandonment, confusion, self-pity and more.

Others of us may attempt to convince ourselves that striving harder, learning more hacks, doing what she did, or leaning into self-help magically make it all better. 

Instead, it becomes a numbing cycle of…

  • Pride

  • Self-sufficiency

  • Self-suffering that steers us far from the path towards what we were put here to do. 

Here are just a few of the topics we can discuss…

  • Vocation

  • Silence & solitude

  • Prayer, bible reading, fasting

  • Sabbath, simple living

  • Community, identity & calling

  • Healing the past

  • Healthy relationships

  • Personal & spiritual formation

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