New Year's resolutions, bigger and "better" goals, new hacks, more striving, people pleasing, putting on masks, and erecting walls don't help?  What worked before no longer does? When you've tried everything yet you're still shadowed by shame, sadness, rejection and regrets?  You're stuck "in the-meantime"? You can't move forward because you keep looking back? You're battling not only mental illness stigma but church stigma too? You're literally "shoulda, coulda, woulda'ing" yourself to death?


What if Despite...

Being depressed, lonely and broken. Feeling overburdened and overwhelmed. Feeling lost in the urban wilderness. Abandoned in the barren desert. You Could.... hope again, be joyful, even prosper?  (Genesis 41:51-52)

Sister-Friend YOU ARE NOT YOUR past…

Disappointments, depression, rejections, regrets, anxiety, guilt or shame.

You are the daughter of The Most High, God. A joint heir with Christ.

It's not too late to be who you are. It's not too late to be who He's called you to be.

When we're in pain, be it emotional, mental or physical everything we think, feel, and do becomes clouded by and filtered through the lens of those wounds. We lose confidence in our abilities. We begin to second guess our choices. We slowly start to drift (sometimes run) away from God. Our faith falters. Our trust fades. We wonder if... He's even good. We lose Heart, and hope. But Sister... It's okay to trust in Him, to hope in His promises, our hope in Him will not put us to shame. (Romans 5:5)


God Has Plans For Even Your Deepest Hurts.

He Sees You. He's Heard Your Cries 

(Jeremiah 29:11, Genesis 21:17, Genesis 16:13)



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