Something happens to me every year around mid-September it’s like I suddenly awake from a foglike slumber and become fully alive. October, officially kicks of my new year. 

I spend the time reflecting on the past year, about my values and goals. Most recently, I’ve also started asking myself, “Am I more like Christ today?”

Heady stuff right? It hasn’t always been this way. In the previous three years I’ve launched fourth quarter business masterminds, where my primary focus was how can I crush my (and help others to crush their) business and financial goals before the clock runs out on the current year.

This year, I’m doing something completely different. I’m starting my new year devotional on October first instead! I’m excited to see how turning my focus on Christ and things above instead of inwardly on myself and outwardly on my coins and (appearances) is going to make a difference in how I go into 2018. I never needed a mastermind in the past in order to work on my goals. However, the thing is... I love to see people win. Especially women! I genuinely find fulfillment in motivating and helping others achieve their goals. I'm imagininghow much sweeter it would be becoming a vessel by which women could grow closer to and become more like Christ. 

So... I’d love it very much if you’d join me. Show up here everyday to grab the current devotional, then head over to Instagram (@hey.daughter.com) and leave your thoughts. And... If you’re feeling really brave, join us in the community!


Rashida B.  

Daily DevotionalRashida B