As we pause to reflect on the coming days of this year, we are much like God’s people,

Israel, who came to the border of their Promised Land. Ahead of them lay a land they had not seen and unknown enemies.


The same is true for you. You stand at the threshold of a brand new year. Ahead of you

lies the unknown. What new challenges will you face this year? What victories await


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Daily DevotionalRashida B

 Your life has both a destination and a destiny. A destination is a place where you are going. As a believer, your final destination is Heaven where you will spend eternity in the presence of God. 

A destiny is the purpose for which you were created. It is the predetermined plan which you were destined by God to fulfill. 

Sadly, many believers will reach their final destination, but will not have fulfilled their destiny. 

The subject of this devotional guide is destiny, specifically your divine destiny. The premise of this guide is that God has had a unique plan for you from the beginning the world. 

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Daily DevotionalRashida B

Something happens to me every year around mid-September it’s like I suddenly awake from a foglike slumber and become fully alive. October, officially kicks of my new year. 

I spend the time reflecting on the past year, about my values and goals. Most recently, I’ve also started asking myself, “Am I more like Christ today?”

Heady stuff right? It hasn’t always been this way. In the previous three years I’ve launched fourth quarter business masterminds, where my primary focus was how can I crush my (and help others to crush their) business and financial goals before the clock runs out on the current year.

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Daily DevotionalRashida B