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New Year’s Resolutions… already history?




towards freedom!

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By The End Of The Journey You Will Have:

  • Learned how what you believe (or, don’t believe) about God and Faith impacts how you experience life, see yourself and perceive others.

  • Unmasked how your past, unconscious thoughts, subconscious thoughts and behaviors have contributed to the creation of your “false-self”.  In addition to, how this false-self is now high-jacking your joy and robbing you of an abundant future. 

  • Discovered how changing your thoughts will completely transform your life and why simply learning building new habits or hustling harder isn’t the key to lasting success. 

  • Uncovered how the discrepancies between what you say value, what you say your goals are, your thoughts, actions and habits (what you do) are creating this thing called cognitive dissonance; the root cause of majority of your challenges today. And what to do about it.

Lastly, we’re going to take the age old adage of less is more and apply it to getting stuff done. How does less stress, more rest, more joy, greater faith and abundant living sound?



the journey

Begins Here…

  • Day ONE: A Quick Look Back To Move Forward

  • Day TWO: Who Am I? - True-Self/False-Self

  • Day THREE: Hey God, Are You There? It’s Me

  • Day FOUR: Mental Gymnastics + Mind Gaps

  • Day FIVE: Trust. Hustle. Rest.

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