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I'm super excited to finally be able to spill the beans and give you an update on what's going on. If we're new friends you can find out more about Hey, Daughter! and moi right here, (but promise you'll come back to this page, okay?)

If you've been rocking with your girl for some time now you know it's unheard of for me to vanish (professionally, okay personally too) for this long. So here goes... 

For the past let's say three almost four years I've been on this crazy, gut-wrenching, soul-healing, spirit-lifting transformational journey. After a series of life altering events, ya girl came undone. Completely unravelled. However, bad you're imagining that to be right now... multiply that by a thousand. For real. However, in the midst of that hell, I fell in love! 

I fell heart over head in love with Jesus. He came and sat with me (He really wants to sit with us ya'll). He's much more real and personal and powerful in the valley, yo. He's no longer you parent's Jesus, or the Jesus that you only encounter in church. He's no longer out there, he comes in here (points to heart). The Holy Spirit ministered to me daily. Wooing me along this indescribable journey of breaking open, wonder and healing. I've never felt so loved and cared for in my entire life. He invited me to rest. So, I fell into His arms. Gave up grinding, performing, masquerading and caring about what anyone thought but Him.  All I did during this time, was sought Him. His will. His love. His face. Running after Jesus is unlike running after moving targets like fame, fortune and other so-called pleasures in this world. He's forever constant, unchanging from one day to the next. 

Something completely unanticipated happened during this time. I thought I'd be set  free to pursue my next business venture. He didn't give me a six-figure plan for a new biz idea. Instead, God gave me the vision for Hey, Daughter! A ministry for. Umm, I'm probably the least likely to start a ministry, let a lone a women's ministry. Ministry is vulnerable, intimate and done in community. Maybe I didn't hear Him right...

That was more than eighteen months ago. Did I mention that my word for 2018 is Trust? Or, that my  life verse is Proverbs 3:5-6? (Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.) This irony isn't lost on me at all. He's always working all things for our good, whether we can see it or believe it. (Romans 8:28)

Soon enough, green-light. However, there was one problem. I hadn't anticipated my next assignment would show up in the form of yoga pants, tank tops and... require sweating. We tend to put God in a box and expect our breakthrough to come in the same way as it did for us before. Or, in the same form as someone else's. So, I almost didn't recognize it. Yet, he was clear, He was coming to do a new thing, (Isaiah 43:19) and it was up to me to:

  1. Perceive it (recognize that this is God).
  2. Trust it (trust God with all my heart).
  3. Obey it (hear His word and obey).

"The Sweatiest Bible Class in America"  was the name of the article I read, just before 12:31pm on November 24th, 2017. I had ZERO idea that my world was about to be ROCKED and forever changed.  Again. 

That article lead me to a website called Revelation Wellness.  On first read, I knew exactly who this program would be great for (so I thought) and immediately texted (bombarded) her with all the information and links.

Yet, everyday after that I kept going back to that website (multiple times a day). Next thing I know I was joining  the Facebook group, signed-up for the email. Joined CleanHearting (what I thought was a new year, get-fit physically challenge) in January. I also, binge listened to all of the Revelation Wellness podcasts, and when I still couldn't get enough I purchased the audiobook.

 I'm writing this on April 19th and today we just wrapped up our 8th bible study/class/training session/ heart-gathering, there's only one more! Then days until retreat. Seriously, there aren't any words to describe this leg of the journey. Before training, I kept trying to get people who'd gone through it already to explain to me they're experience. They tried their very best to articulate what it was like to go through Revelation Wellness Instructor Training and over and over, I kept hearing wow, it was... uhh... it's really hard/impossible to describe. However, the recurring theme was, indescribable, life changing, completely transformative. It really is that, and SO much more.

Read on to find out how you can support me on this journey and how we can work together after retreat. 


There are three ways that you can support me and that we can work together:

  1. Buy a Tank, Tee or Sweatshirt I created a fundraising campaign, featuring the tees you see on your right. Click here  to purchase.  
  2. Become a founding member of Hey, Daughter! Cooperative, before April 28th. Founding members receive a discounted membership rate of $50 paid bi-monthly or $90 paid annually. (Regular membership rates are $22 monthly or, $199 paid annually). All founding members will gain FREE access to #HeartCheck, a dynamic, interactive group study based on My Heart Christ's Home, kicking off May 10, 2018. You may cancel at any time.
  3. Just Wanna Give?  Simply click the donation button to your left to make your donation. 

Thank you! Even, if you aren't able to support with your pocketbook at this time, your prayers are always needed and very much appreciated. Also, please don't forget to follow Hey, Daughter! on Instagram to follow my journey as I near retreat and beyond.






Go ahead, there's plenty of room at the table. You want regret it. 


Post training - the road ahead...


Once training is complete, there's the Wellness Revelation certification exam before I'll become a certified Wellness Revelation instructor. Wooooot! Right?

Certification will enable me to lead women through the Wellness Revelation. But Rashida, couldn't they just buy that book and do it on their own?

They could, but they'd lose the advantage of having a supportive community and a trained coach to support them though the challenging times ahead.

making it our own

I love that, we're encouraged to take what we're learning in training, and use our gifts and talents to make it our own for the people we're called to serve. I'm already dreaming of ways to make this a safe, collaborative and intimate experience for the women I'm entrusted to lead. By adding 1-to-1 and group coaching and access to an ongoing support community post Wellness Revelation.

Heart-Work is hard work and I want to be there providing support every step of the way. 

In addition to the online Wellness Revelation experience, for locals there's a run club in the making, along with a six-week kick-boxing inspired dance fitness bootcamp.


RunWell RunClub Tees Will Be Available For Purchase Soon!