I'm Rashida B, founder of Hey, Daughter! I'm thrilled that you're here. I'm what most would call a serial entrepreneur. I've been 'preneuring since 2001. However, this is my greatest endeavor yet. I'm humbled that God would trust me and that the Holy Spirit guides me in this work. I didn't know it previously but He's been preparing me for such a long time.

You’re here because you’re at a cross-roads or in an unfulfilling place in your life and you're desperate for a change... for something new? You're tired of being tired, stressed about being stressed and depressed about being depressed? You believe God has something greater for your life? 

Have you heard the adage that God is sovereign, or that God’s word will not return void, or the Sovereignty of God... Sounds like Christianese to you too?


Rashida B Hey, Daughter! Founder, dream awakener, shame slayer, serialpreneuer 

Dream awakener,